Consultancy and software for hospitality businesses.

The hospitality sector faces huge challenges. We'll help you turn those challenges into exciting opportunities.

We are Xenowledge Ltd, a company based in the UK and Greece serving hospitality businesses in Europe. Our consultancy and software solutions are designed to improve hospitality businesses’ efficiency and profitability by addressing some of the unprecedented challenges facing the sector.

Working with business owners and managers, we show how contemporary techniques and modern tools can be harnessed to increase efficiency, drive up bookings and enhance margins.

The hospitality sector faces huge challenges. We'll help you turn those challenges into exciting opportunities.

We cover a wealth of business areas, including strategic business improvement, sales, mergers & acquisitions, marketing & PR, recruitment and technology. We'll help you to assess your strengths and market positioning, create new operational strategies across parts or all of the business; help you find the right people and ensure your brand is found.


More room and restaurant bookings


Increased margins through greater efficiency


Generate new and loyal customers who return time after time

Hospitality businesses work incredibly hard to provide their customers with a great experience. However, it’s not an easy sector to be in at the moment. Rapidly changing technological demands, skills shortages and volatile economic conditions have all put a squeeze on margins.


Some of these areas are out of a business owner’s control and so, rather than fight unwinnable battles, we develop tailored strategies that play to an organisation’s strengths, and maximise opportunities for profit and growth.

Xenowledge’s hand-picked consultancy team offer more than a hundred years’ worth of combined expertise in areas including business improvement and strategy, interim management, software infrastructure and business tools, executive recruitment, and marketing and PR delivery.

The hospitality sector faces huge challenges. We'll help you turn those challenges into exciting opportunities.

Xenowledge is an agent for a growing portfolio of cloud-based software solutions designed specifically for the hospitality sector. We only represent best-in-class products and those which genuinely solve problems for hoteliers and restaurateurs, create efficiencies and drive more bookings. Additionally, only software which is cutting edge, fully cloud-based and offered as a subscription is permitted into the Xenowledge portfolio.


From family-run boutiques to independent chains


Hospitality supply chain, including F&B


Pubs, inns, restaurants, chains and dining establishments of all sizes

As a hotel, restaurant or other hospitality business owner, you provide a fantastic service and happy memories to countless guests and diners. However, rising prices, a volatile economic climate, world events and a lack of skilled labour are just some of the factors which impact your business negatively. Happily, there are technologies available designed to increase bookings and efficiencies.

Our starting point is the value of every single bed in your hotel and chair in your restaurant. If they are empty, you're losing money - it's as simple as that. Our restaurant and hotel management software products will open the doors to more bookers, while allowing you to set booking rules that work for you. Using these software products, you can better manage "no-shows" and quickly back-fill the revenue; you can create positive dialogues with customers so they turn their no-show into a fresh booking.


As well as providing systems which generate more bookings, we also represent hotel operations software designed to create seamless workflows in the areas of housekeeping, maintenance and all those "back of house" functions. Using our software, you will see seamless workflows, better communication, less waste and fewer customer complaints in your property. That all means happy teams creating a fantastic guest experience for which customers will return again and again.

The hospitality sector faces huge challenges. We'll help you turn those challenges into exciting opportunities.

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