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In 2019, John was taking a sabbatical from his role as MD of a leading hospitality software company, spending his time-off in Crete, Greece. It was while there that he identified a gap in the market for working closely with accommodation providers, restaurants, travel/leisure businesses and associated software companies across the UK and internationally on making their businesses stronger.

We provide consultancy services and software mainly to hospitality businesses, so it was only natural for our company name to include a little of the Greek word for guest, “Xenos”. Similarly, Xenowledge was born in Greece so we have reflected that in our logo.

As the idea grew, an opportunity arose for five highly experienced professionals and friends to work together. Mark, Steve, John, Rob and Lesley offer fresh ideas, knowledge and experience on a consultancy basis to clients seeking to strengthen and grow their businesses.

We come to work each day because we are passionate about our clients, their customers and the hospitality sector as a whole. Modern guests, travelers and diners now expect a wealth of technology comforts in their customer journeys, so we are also proud to represent a  growing number of hospitality software products.

Xenowledge is not a huge, impersonal company looking to push big consultancy contracts or sell unwanted software. Quite simply, we are a small, friendly consortium with a lot of experience to share and a passion for hospitality and technology.

Whether you are looking for some assistance with your business strategy, sales & marketing, recruitment or PR &, we will help.  If your company is becoming involved in mergers and acquisitions, requires interim senior management or seeks some ideas about technology, we're here.

We look forward to hearing from you.

About Us

Xenowledge Ltd provides consultancy services and software for hospitality and software businesses.

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