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The UK hospitality sector is a beacon of entrepreneurship which generates £130 billion in revenues and contributes £39 billion in tax. But despite being the country’s third largest employer and the shop window for the travel sector as a whole, it faces unprecedented challenges:

  • Low margins, caused by rising costs, prohibitively high business rates and a high VAT regime;

  • Uncertainty around the worker landscape, including right to remain, routes to temporary employment, Inflexible and prescriptive legislation over wages/flexible working and a lack of pathways for increasing skills and career opportunities;

  • Competition from the “grey” and unregulated sharing economy, and the dominance of online travel agencies;

  • Concerns over future food supplies from the EU and rising costs.


At Xenowledge, we help owners and managers of hospitality businesses to address the effects of these challenges head-on. We dive deep into your business to understand what needs to be tackled and unlocked to create a thriving enterprise.

Working with you, we’ll look at your goals and the obstacles to achieving them. We’ll look at how you work, your employee landscape, organisational make-up, sales channels, cost-base, customers, marketing, competition and your overall strengths and weaknesses.

We’re passionate about making hospitality businesses successful, having been there and done it. Together, we’ll create (and if necessary, implement) a new corporate strategy for you based on determining your niche, identifying your path to success and future-proofing your business and brand.

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Harness effective sales techniques to bring you more customers.


Let's dive deeply into your current operational environment, and make cash-positive improvements.


Identify your niche and create a product offer your customers will love.


Create compelling marketing communications designed to position your brand and win new business.


Embed a safe pair of hands to embed new strategies and secure the business.


Create a master plan which secures the business and gives you competitive positioning.

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