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Public relations (PR) and marketing for the hospitality sector is all about raising your profile and enhancing your organisation’s reputation by achieving ‘earned’ and targeted media coverage.


The great advantage of learning how to ‘do’ PR is that you start to tell your story in a way that is highly attractive to guests and helps you establish a distinctive brand that stands out from the competition.


PR is a process of thinking creatively, understanding what motivates your most important audiences, and then engaging with select journalists and media by providing them with great stories and opportunities that meet their needs.


Similarly, when it comes to marketing – whether your challenge is launching a new business, introducing new technology, or seasonal, room or restaurant occupancy, we work with you to understand what needs your customers have, and then develop outstanding and original strategies that deliver your aims on time and within budget.


Here at Xenowledge we go the extra mile to help you plan your communications strategy, working closely with your team to identify newsworthy ideas, connect you with the best press and media available, as well as supporting your video, podcast and social media ambitions – all in the service of advancing your business goals.


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Helping you find the right words.


Get a highly engaged audience to help drive sales.


Preparing you to make an impact on radio or appearing on television.


Complete social media management that works.


Review your organisation’s audiences, objectives and messaging.


Show the world why your business is so amazing.


The ‘who, what, why, where and when’ of your story.


Images that last a lifetime and increase brand exposure.


Things can go wrong. Plan ahead

to minimise damage to your reputation.

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