Steve Hey

Steve is our Associate Consultant for Business IT and has over twenty years' experience in providing technology advice and solutions.

The emergence of the cloud as the dominant environment for databases, storage, business systems, tools and software really excites Steve, but he is keen to point out the huge benefits to business in adopting contemporary technology:

“The cloud enables hospitality businesses - a sector which can, with respect, be slow to adopt new technologies - to reduce or entirely eliminate their reliance on costly on-site hardware and legacy software.

“Having spent many years looking after company networks and servers, the cloud has transformed my clients’ operations and helped them vastly reduce overheads, leading to improved margins. With the current pressures hospitality businesses face, that has to be a good thing”.

Steve is expert in the areas of email systems, web site hosting and design, anti-virus systems, online backup, file synchronisation, effective password and security policies and overall systems control, management and integration.

Steve will undertake a full audit of your IT systems, make recommendations for improvements and areas for special attention and assist you in agreeing and implementing a plan of action where required.

 “It’s not about telling business what to do,” says Steve, “but rather listening and supporting the business by helping them find the best solution for their needs. Sometimes, the answer doesn’t even involve IT!”

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